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Choosing the Right Ventilation Contractor

Below is a basic guideline and series in questions to ask any potential ventilation contractor to help you find the right contractor for your project.

Perhaps the most important consideration is to find a contractor who specializes in home ventilation projects. Many contractors will tend towards a specialty within the home heat and air conditioning field so it is important to ask what projects they specialize in. Find out whether they have ever taken on a project similar to yours and find out the outcome, as well as any potential problems they encountered and how they were handled.

1. What type of HVAC project are you interested in?
Install Central AC    
Repair Central AC   
Install Central Heating   
Repair Central Heating   
Install Boiler/Radiator   
Repair Boiler/Radiator   

2. How soon would you like to begin your HVAC service?
Immediately     Within the next 6 Months   
I'm not sure   

3. Do you own your home?
Yes     No

4. Please enter your zip code
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Choosing the Right Ventilation Contractor - Continued

Always double check the contractor's reputation and credentials. Any reputable contractor should be able to provide you with 2 to 3 references from past customers. When you speak with their references, ask whether the contractor came in on budget, on time and whether any problems occurred and how they handled them. Find out whether the contractor and their employees showed up on time to the job site and ask about whether they were courteous and performed their work diligently and professionally. In some cases, the contractor will allow you to view one of their finished projects so that you can see their work firsthand.

How Long Have They Been In Business

Find out how long they've been in business and whether they have the proper licensing. Many contractors or their companies are part of the Better Business Bureau. If so, go online and check their status and whether any complaints have been filed against them. Ask whether they are bonded and what type of insurance they carry.

Always ask the ventilation contractor whether they would mind drawing up a simple contract between you and them detailing the cost of the project, what services are included and what timelines will be associated with each aspect of the project. Always ask whether they will be doing the work themselves, having employees performing the work or whether they sub the work out to subcontractors. If they do use subcontractors, ask how long they've been working with the subcontractor and how confident they are in the subcontractor's work.

Always ask the ventilation contractor who their suppliers are and what type of price breaks, if any, they provide the customer based on their ability to purchase at wholesale prices.

Get Multiple Contractor Price Estimates and Quotes

Whether you are using a heating, air-conditioning or ventilation contractor, it is always best to receive multiple price estimates in order to get the best price from the best service provider. In many cases, the cheapest contractor is not always the best. The rule of thumb when searching for an HVAC contractor is to always search for value - that means the best services combined with competitive pricing.

Whether you're searching for a brand-new ventilation system or simply replacing your current ventilation system, the contractor that you choose is by far the most important decision you'll make. Choose wisely and you'll have a smooth installation that is on time and on budget. Choose poorly and you may be subject to a very rocky project installation that comes in not only late but over budget.

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