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Boiler Radiator Heating Systems

In today's technologically-advanced world, it seems like ways to improve your home as becoming more and more savvy. A good example of this are boiler/radiator heating systems. Once a mainstay of many American homes, these ancient heating systems are a thing of the distant past, replaced my sleeker, more modern, energy efficient models.

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The Skinny On Bolier Radiator Heating Systems

However, many older homes and multi-family dwellings still feature boiler and radiator systems. Therefore, it's a good idea to have at least a basic understand of some of the older heating systems operate.

Steam systems (or boiler systems) are reliable and extremely durable methods of heating a home. They are simple to use and give off clean heated air, free of dust and dirt. This is a huge benefit to homeowners that have to contend with severe allergies. The way a boiler system works is by heating water (using a gas or oil burner), thereby turning it into steam that travels through the pipes of a building and into a radiator, which lets off heat, warming the room. Then, once the steam cools over, it goes back to water and runs down to the boiler to be heated up again. Hot water systems are similar putting how water in place of steam to heat the individual radiators.

Just as is the case with new heating units, boiler systems need to be maintained by a professional heating contractor on a regular basis. This will ensure longevity of the system. You should learn how to check the individual gauges and valves on the system to ensure things are working properly, but refrain from doing much more than that. A heating contractor will know exactly how to repair/maintain the system with causing harm to themselves or others around them.

There are some drawbacks to relying on a boiler system, with the most common reason being that they are as efficient, providing much less heat than the newer heating system. They are also a greater fire hazard and must be maintained much more often than newer models. For this reason, homeowners updating their dwelling or moving into newer homes will often request that the heating and air conditioning system be updated to reflect the more modern HVAC system standards that have become so commonplace in the home building industry. Moreover, the older boiler systems are not very energy efficient, making it one of the least desirable methods of heating a home.

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